With electric vehicles gaining traction around the world, Chinese brand Great Wall Motors isn’t about to miss the opportunities that come with this growing market.

While Elon Musk’s Tesla dominates the more premium sector of the industry, Great Wall Motors seems to be aiming for higher volume in the economical spectrum with its second flagship EV model under its new Ora brand.

The ORA ‘R1’ will be available at a subsidized price, ranging from 59,800RMB to 77,800RMB (US$8,680 to US$11,293), to promote zero-emissions driving.

Its affordable price tag not only gives the Chinese carmaker a significant competitive edge, but also makes it more attractive to urban citizens living in a country plagued by severe air pollution woes.

According to its press release, ORA ‘R1’ has been dubbed the “world’s fifth boutique vehicle” by industry insiders for its design, spaciousness, smart functions, improved safety features, and high quality.

The compact four-door debuted at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show with a 33-kilowatt battery and a range of up to 194 miles. Its 35-kilowatt electric motor enables it to reach a top speed of around 62mph.

It also comes with a lengthy warranty spanning three years or 120,000km for the whole car, and an eight-year or 150,000km guarantee for its core components.

There are five colors for you to choose from: titanium white; cadet blue; sky blue; titanium white and glitter black; cadet blue and titanium white.

While the ORA ‘R1’ is currently available solely in China, Great Wall Motors has expressed its interest in making the model accessible to the global market.

[via New Atlas and Elektrek, video via 汽车之家【官方频道 欢迎订阅, main image via PR Newswire]

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