Character Design Tweaks In ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Poster Sparks Comical Memes4 min read

Paramount Pictures has unveiled its first poster for the upcoming film Sonic The Hedgehog.

The live-action adaption of the fan-favorite blue hedgehog is set to release in 2019 and will depict ‘Sonic’ in a present-day world. Ben Schwartz will voice the iconic character, while Jim Carrey channels its nemesis ‘Doctor Robotnik’.

The film poster, which sees a silhouette of ‘Sonic’ wearing red sneakers, is not sitting well with some ‘Sonic’ fans, who have questioned why ‘Sonic’ has furry hair instead of its iconic spikes.

Speaking about the character’s furry look, executive producer Tim Miller explained that ‘Sonic’ would appear weirdly nude if he were designed to appear spikey inside the film, and would instead end up looking more like an otter. Miller said that the team considered fur from the get-go, as it allows ‘Sonic’ to integrate into the real world and appear more lifelike.

Miller also highlighted that for the live-action film adaption, ‘Sonic’ has two definite eyeballs as opposed to his traditional character design, which only sports one eye and two pupils. The decision, however, was a tough one for SEGA—the video game developer—to make.

The executive producer revealed that after numerous discussions, SEGA finally gave in. Miller promised that the team would only tweak what was necessary, while staying true to the other features of the original character design.

Another gripe that some internet users had was the rather defined legs of ‘Sonic’ inside the promotional material. Its buff lower limbs and aforementioned tweaked features went on to inspire comical memes, shown below.

[via NME, opening image via Paramount UK]