Cardi B’s ‘Giant Glam’ Dress At 2019 Grammys Deserves An Award Of Its Own2 min read

Image via JStone /

People can’t seem to stop talking about the outfit that Cardi B wore to the 61st Grammy Awards.

The rapper, who is known for her eccentric style, can definitely add this head-turning look to her list of most epic garbs.

She appeared on the red carpet donned in a vintage Mugler design from its Fall 1995 couture collection. The dress features a nude bodysuit, which meets a long back skirt at the waist that resembles a giant clam shell.

The dress embellished Cardi B’s hips with pearl drapery. Accessories included gloves, a choker necklace, and twisted pearl headpiece.

Her meme-worthy outfit has left social media users with much to say. It has been compared to everything from Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus to Ferrero Rocher’s packaging design, and even ‘Ursula’ from The Little Mermaid.

One Twitter user wrote, “[I]s it just me or is @iamcardib channeling ‘Ursula’ from The Little Mermaid? She’s looking gorgeous as always!” View more hilarious responses below.

[via Cosmopolitan, opening image via JStone /]