Image via IMAX

Captain Marvel is stepping up its promotions in the lead up to its March 2019 release with all-new official Twitter emojis and graphic posters.

As of yesterday, three character emojis from the film have made their way to Twitter: ‘Captain Marvel’; ‘Nick Fury’; ‘Goose the Cat’.

To trigger the main character emoji where the superhero is seen in her blue-and-red costume with mask and Mohawk, tweet any one of the three hashtags ‘#CaptainMarvel’, ‘#CarolDanvers’, or ‘#HigherFurtherFaster’.

‘#NickFury’ and ‘#GooseTheCat’ come with their own respective emoji designs through these Twitter hashtags.

In addition, the movie’s RealD 3D, IMAX and Dolby Cinema graphic posters have also surfaced online. In the 3D rendition, ‘Danvers’ is seen hovering over a metropolis while teasing her “binary” powers.

Capain Marvel will debut in cinemas on 8 March 2019. Watch its latest trailer below where the hero proves she is not a ‘skrull’.

[via, main image via IMAX]