Canada’s Answer To Tesla Is A Quirky Three-Wheel, All-Electric Car For Cheaper2 min read

Last week, DesignTAXI introduced you to the three-wheel, all-electric SONDORS car that’s set to roll out in April 2019 at US$10,000.

Now, another eco-friendly three-wheeler debuting on Canada’s horizon could further shape the automotive industry, but in a quirkier direction.

Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica, founded in 2015, has the automotive industry abuzz with its upcoming ‘Solo’ microcar.

Unlike Tesla, which retails electric versions of more conventional automobile designs approximately upwards of US$45,000, Electra Meccanica is offering something quite different at a lower price point.

‘Solo’, as its name suggests, is a one-seat electric vehicle that gets around on just three wheels. It’s going for a more affordable US$15,500 (CAD$19,888). The company plans to unleash 5,000 models on the roads of LA by December, with another 70,000 delivered across the West Coast over the next two years.

The vehicle goes from zero to 60mph in eight seconds, and offers a top speed of 82mph. Its short recharging time of three hours will give you a 100-mile range.

“Solo is powered by a 17.3 kWh lithium ion battery and compatible with universal charging stations everywhere,” explains the brand on its website. “Your ‘Solo’ has 99% fewer parts than a combustion engine—meaning significantly fewer opportunities for things to go wrong.”

Other details that consumers might not expect are its heated seats, Bluetooth stereo, and rear-view camera.

Electra Meccanica even provides a ‘Gas vs. Electric Range’ calculator on its website so you can determine how much more you’re spending for your annual fuel cost when it comes to the conventional car.

Learn more about ‘Solo’ inside the video below and on Electra Meccanica’s website.

[via Bloomberg, video via Electra Meccanica Vehicles, images via Electra Meccanica]