Burger King’s ‘Kanye West’ Tweet Becomes ‘Most Liked’ Branded Tweet Of All Time1 min read

Image via Shutterstock

Burger King UK has received official confirmation from Twitter that its three-word diss tweet in response to Kanye West has become the ‘most liked’ branded tweet of all time.

Back in November, rapper West declared on Twitter that McDonald’s was his favorite restaurant, only to spur a sassy clap back by the burger brand with the words, “Explains a lot.”

To date, the tweet has garnered a record smashing 1.02 million ‘likes’ on the social media platform.

London-based COOLR is the creative agency managing Burger King’s social media. Its Chief Executive Adam Clyne shared with The Drum that the great news serves as testimony to the COOLR team’s “agility and creativity” as well as its “fantastic partnership” with client Burger King.

“There’s a huge narrative that organic reach is dead on social and we don’t agree,” added Clyne. Given the “right strategy, a clear tone of voice and a bit of bravery,” Clyne is confident that brands can authentically connect to pop culture and generate ideas that resonate worldwide.

[via The Drum, main image via Shutterstock]