BNAG’s Summloch Is An Aesthetic And Aural Delight1 min read

The ‘Summloch’ series is unique in its intention, the pieces have been designed as both an aesthetic and aural experience. Boualam and Marstaller explain the premise of the project: “Put your head into a Summloch and hum: your whole body starts tingling.” To encourage this behaviour from visitors to the ‘Summloch’ collection, the pair has produced an informative typographic accompaniment. This black and white publication is filled with concrete poems that ask you to Him Him Him Hamme and Waym Wam Wem Woomah into the cavern atop of the Summloch’s trunk. “The sound waves reverberate from the Summloch walls, amplifying the natural resonance”, the pair explain. Interaction with the ‘Summloch’ is intended to provide visitors with “a harmonious feeling of wellbeing.”

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