We all enjoyed Blok‘s bold identity for 48North, the female-led company that’s rethinking the landscape of cannabis in Canada. Now we’re sharing its new identity for F8 / F8TE – a new line of products by the cannabis brand, including a pipe and grinder.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to think systematically and broadly about the brand giving it enough elasticity to have room for more products to be added,” Blok tells Creative Boom. “From the beginning, we collaborated with 48North to conceptualise a different way in which F8 products could relate and engage with design and value within this space. We had many challenges which we took as invaluable opportunities to learn, especially in the product development.

“Most of the grinders in the market are made out of tin and we chose brass for many reasons, including beauty, quality and durability. Finding partners that could actually produce what we envisioned with all of the details we had designed was a challenge in and of itself. But there is always a possibility within constraints and that aspect always makes us solve it in a way we would not have envisioned.”

Blok continues: “The packaging was actually sewn by hand and every element sourced with care and a clear understanding of how we hoped people would interact with it. Designing both with simplicity and uniqueness, making sure the voice and tone worked seamlessly through the entire system from logo to the product itself.”

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