Blatantly Fake ‘Supreme’ Opens Its First Flagship Store In China1 min read

Image via MADSOLAR /

Supreme Italia, a counterfeit company that sells faux Supreme products, has opened its doors in China. The store is located on the popular shopping district of Huaihai Zhong Lu in Shanghai, along other brands such as Nike, Ray Ban, Adidas and Uniqlo.

By exploiting a legal loophole, the brand has successfully passed off as popular streetwear retailer Supreme New York, giving it license to carry a range of merchandise from from t-shirts, hats to backpacks, all plastered with the name ‘Supreme’.

According to a Chinese report, the store’s launch party was attended by various members of local media, as well as VIP clients and bloggers.

The brand seemed to be pulling a lot of traction following Samsung’s announcement that it was partnering with ‘Supreme’. The original Supreme subsequently released a statement denying the collaboration, forcing Samsung to admit that it was working with Supreme Italia.

Through loopholes detected in Italian law, Supreme Italia successfully gained rights to sell Supreme-inspired products in China that have nothing to do with the original Supreme New York.

[via The Drum, opening image via MADSOLAR /]