Beautiful 3D-Printed Moving Hourglass Soothes Your Nerves, Helps You Relax1 min read

While LEGO has rolled out its all-new product for adults to de-stress and stimulate their creativity, another product might calm your nerves while doubling as an artistic table-piece.

Singapore-based art-and-design group sparkpluck has reinvented the conventional hourglass with a modern 3D-printed rendition called ‘Chrolo’.

This 60-second kinetic timer offers you a multi-sensory experience of time by dropping a ball down its top funnel.

The ball travels down the 60 slides—where each seamless, 3D-printed segment accounts for a single second—through a hypnotic pendulum-like motion.

Since it creates a ticking sound resembling that of a clock, you don’t have to keep your eye on the ball, and can keep track of the passing of seconds through auditory sensors. The ball signals the conclusion of one minute when it hits the base.

This soothing multi-sensory kinetic timer is currently being showcased at Venice Design 2018 until 26 November. Though its Kickstarter campaign has come to a close, you can indicate your interest to be informed when ‘Chrolo’ becomes available for sale.

Watch how ‘Chrolo’ works inside the video below.

[via Chrolo]