Video screenshot via TewkesburyLeak

Internet users are raising their eyebrows over a clip of a child who has been caught appearing to have teleported into a BBC program—not in a sci-fi show like Doctor Who, but a news segment about UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

A video shared by Twitter user ‘TewkesburyLeak’ has gone viral, as it shows a boy suddenly appearing right in front of a supermarket.

What is this sorcery? Some might ask. Other skeptics believe this clip is another example of the “BBC editing clips to produce distorted news.”

However, Tom Richell, Head of Video at the Independent, has since addressed that the boy’s skills are all thanks to a feature in Adobe Premiere Pro known as ‘Morph Cut’, or ‘Flow’ on Apple’s Final Cut Pro software.

Richell describes that the tool helps media platforms “smooth over jump cuts in interview or talking head segments.” Essentially, it fuses two pieces of footage together such that the hiccup between them gets smoothed over.

“If you watch the woman’s face repeatedly you can see it moves over to the right in a weird way as the boy child appears,” Richell says.

He also debunks perceptions that BBC might have deliberately manipulated the clip to skew it towards its own views. This was simply a video that had run too long, and having to release the footage in a hurry—which is the nature of the media business—means that mistakes are bound to happen.

[via RT UK, video via TewkesburyLeak, images via various sources]

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