Banksy Paints Kid Playing With Ash Instead Of Snowflakes To Highlight Pollution2 min read

Street artist Banksy artist took to Instagram to confirm that the new mural that mysteriously appeared in South Wales is his work.

The artwork appeared on two walls of a garage owned by a local steelworker of the Taibach area in Port Talbot. It caused a commotion on Tuesday morning as residents in the local town speculated that the famous street artist may have paid a visit—and he did.

The mural shows a child with open arms having fun in what looks like snow. However, if you view from another angle, it shows the child skipping in ash from a rubbish bin that is on fire.

Banksy’s new art perhaps drew inspiration from the cars and properties that were covered in ash due to the steelworks in July. Scott Bamsey, Neath Port Talbot councillor, is impressed with Banksy’s latest work. Before Banksy held responsible for the work, Bamsey told CNN he felt it was a high possibility that it was a genuine Banksy piece despite not being a graffiti expert.

The graffiti highlights quality art and generates excitement as well, Bamsey added. Councilor Steffan ap Dafydd is happy to welcome any public art, but he also highlights the pollution concerns of the local town. The Welsh government is maximizing efforts to improve the polluted area in M4 motorway while a steel company, Tata will be working to improve environmental conditions in the area.

University lecturer Gareth Thomas said the artwork “fits perfectly with Port Talbort” as the town always finds itself covered in ash due to the steel works. Another resident Rachel Honey-Jones weighed in on the artwork, saying it is an “incredible addition to Port Talbort” while bringing across a strong political message due to the placement of the art and how the boy has been drawn.

A council spokesperson is working together with the property owner to protect the graffiti.

[via CNN, opening image via Banksy]