Apple’s Squid Emoji Is Anatomically Incorrect & Aquarium Is Up In Tentacles

The designers behind Apple’s emojis can’t seem to get a lot of things right and the latest example is no exception.

In the span of just months, the tech giant received user complaints about its bagel emoji, as well as its foot one, and now its squid emoji is at the receiving end of scorn.

A tweet by the Monterey Bay Aquarium addressed Apple’s mistake about the squid emoji and the team wishes to bring attention to the sea life in general.

According to the tweet, the squid is actually upside down and the siphon—which allows the squid to breathe and move around–is located behind its head instead of on its face. The aquarium wrote, “It just looks like a weirdo nose.”

Apple has yet to comment on the flaw of its squid emoji.

[via Monterey Bay Aquarium, opening image via Emojipedia]

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