Apple released a quartet of quick instructional videos today for the Apple Watch Series 4, the latest version of the company’s popular smartwatch. Some of the new features on the Series 4 timepiece include an edge-to-edge display, and an Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that looks for abnormal heartbeats. The latter has already saved at least one life.

The videos released by Apple include one that shows Apple Watch Series 4 users how to use the new Walkie Talkie feature that came to the Apple Watch via watchOS 5. There are three simple steps, according to the video. Pick a friend, press to talk and let go to listen. The second video shows how you can customize the watch face on the new Apple Watch. All you need to do is press firmly on the watch face, tap the Customize bar, swipe and tap to get to the areas you want to change, and turn the Digital Crown to make the changes. Press the Digital Crown twice to set the new watch face.

The third video shows Apple Watch Series 4 users how to view their Activity rings. To see the rings, open the Activity app. Scroll down to see the stats for Move, Exercise and Stand. Continue scrolling down to see other data such as total steps taken, total distance traveled, and the number of flights climbed. And the last video reveals how to stream Apple Music over the Apple Watch Series 4. First, you raise your wrist (the one with the Apple Watch on it) toward your mouth. Tell Siri what you want to hear, or you can open the Music app and choose a playlist, a song or a particular artist or album.

To really drill these instructions into your head, you can view each video a number of times until everything becomes second nature to you. The first video is found at the top of this article with the remaining three found directly below.

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