Apple kicked Verizon-owned Tumblr out from the App Store for child pornography1 min read

Tumblr once again cements its reputation as the go-to app for displaying alternative lifestyles when it became clear that Apple has removed it from the App Store after it found out that, amidst all the daily life of vaping tattooed models, somehow child pornography was getting through. 

Pressing for a comment on the matter, the folks over at Download managed to get this statement from a Tumblr spokesperson on how those pictures managed to seep through the filtering cracks:

Given that law enforcement has been involved, the removal from the App Store may have been mandated to Apple and the only update from Tumblr’s support site so far is that they are working to restore the app for iOS users. 

In the meantime, the app continues to be available on other platforms, though, so make of it what you will. As a reminder, Tumblr is now part of the Oath media conglomerate that has Verizon as a parent company, so the ball is in its court, it seems.