If your new 2018 Apple iPad Pro arrives with a slight bend in its aluminum chassis, you might consider it to be a defect. In fact, most consumers probably would. But in this world of alternative facts where a prominent attorney can say the “truth is not the truth,” Apple can tell you that a bend is not a defect. The company says that this is a side effect from the manufacturing process; not only won’t it get worse over time, promises Apple, the latter also says that the bend will not affect the performance of its high-end tablet.
The Verge writes that the bend appears on an antenna line that separates two different sections of metal. Still, the bend has also shown up on Wi-Fi only variants of the iPad Pro as well. Apple will still accept returns as long as they take place within the 14-day return period that the company offers. The company says that it has not seen a higher than normal return rate for the device.
You might recall that last month we told you that a video from JerryRigEverything showed that the new iPad Pro can be seriously bent without much effort. At the time, we mentioned that some consumers were complaining that their new iOS slate came bent right out of the box. And we also pointed out that other tablets can be easily bent as well.
Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro (2018) models are 5.8mm thick. That compares to the 7.1mm thickness for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and the 8.4mm thickness of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6. But even with the specs in mind, Apple is a company that prides itself on the beauty of its products and it seems out of character for it to essentially ignore this issue.

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