Amy Schumer Defies Conventional Maternity Shoots By Chasing Ducks… In The Nude1 min read

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Actress Amy Schumer has opted for a quirky maternity photoshoot featuring ducks and moss.

Schumer, who is pregnant with her first child, agreed to participate in the shoot as part of a profile with The New York Times.

The comedian has taken to Instagram to share the end result of the shoot, and fans are loving it.

Instead of donning a traditional flowing gown or posing underwater, Schumer chose to chase ducks in a New Orleans park… naked.

In another image, Schumer is seen gazing into the distance while covering her breasts with Spanish moss.

“Hysterical and beautiful,” one Instagram fan comments, while another says, “I can relate to these pregnancy photos way more than Beyoncé’s!”

In an accompanying interview, Schumer recunts the difficulties she has faced while being pregnant. One such hurdle was her contracting hyperemesis gravidarum, which has resulted in frequent vomiting due to persistent nausea.

According to the National Health Service (NHS), one in 100 women is diagnosed with the condition. For Schumer, it made her vomit up to 50 times a day.

[via Independent, opening image via DFree /]