Chloe Wise, Which lake do I prefer, 2018. Oil on linen, 182,9 x 152,4 cm | 72 x 60 inches / Courtesy the Artist and Almine Rech. Photo: Logan Jackson

Canadian artist Chloe Wise is gearing up for her first exhibition in London this April. On show at Almine Rech, Not That We Don’t will feature her latest portraits that focus on the concept of ‘self’.

Following her usual dash of self-deprecating humour with a closer examination of contemporary culture and social media to boot, Wise uses a diverse range of media to poke fun at modern society, including painting, sculpture, video and installation.

She’s probably best known for her ‘Bread Bags’ – a series of oil-painted urethane castings of bagels, baguettes and pancakes embellished with fashion designer logos, created to highlight the world’s materialism and wealth.

Her latest work, Wise’s portraits continue along this theme but consider the image of feminised bodies, probing the ways in which commercialisation ultimately settles on this roving signifier.

“The staged environments wherein her sitters are placed speak to discord between the ultimately intimate relationship linking the artist and her subjects and the mediation that separates them, with a curtain of artifice both consoling and heightening this fissure,” remarks the Gallery.

Not That We Don’t by Chloe Wise kicks off at Almine Rech London on 10 April 2019. To find out more about Chloe, visit

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