A couple of screen protectors, allegedly for the Galaxy S10, are making the rounds in the Chinese blogosphere, and, if credible, hold a hint about a significantly trimmed top bezel. 

Not that the Galaxy S8 or S9 had thick toppers to begin with, but this here is something else and is as thin as in the “all-screen” sliders or dual-screen phones that got released in the last couple of months, yet the S10 won’t be a slider.

How could have Samsung done it? Well, the S10 is rumored to land with Samsung’s new Infinity-O display type that sports the so-called Hole in Active Area (HIAA) technology, which is simply a laser-cut opening for the tiny front camera in the display itself. 
On one of the pictures, the earpiece has seemingly been relegated to the very edge of the phone, but it is still in the bezel, so the S10 might not have the sound-emitting screen that Samsung already demonstrated at the SID expo back in June.

The protector types are listed as “3D glass” or “film” by their respective sources, though both look rather rigid. Only the alleged glass cover has an earpiece cutout at the very top while the other one sports nothing of the sort, so we can’t really reconcile those differences for the time being. There may be no less than four Galaxy S10 models, though, so make of it what you will.

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