After Announcing Its Fake Moon, China Is Now Building An ‘Artificial Sun’1 min read

Image via Shutterstock

While Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan in China, plans to launch a man-made moon to replace its street lights, elsewhere in the country, another pseudo star could be on the ascension.

The sun, a massive, fiery sphere of hot gas, seems to have been outdone by an experiment in Hefei, China that explores more effective fusion technologies to power whole cities in future.

The ‘Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak’ (‘EAST’) reactor, nicknamed the “artificial sun,” recently succeeded in attaining a temperature exceeding 100 million degrees Celsius—six times hotter than the real sun.

It was able to sustain nuclear fusion for 10 seconds before shutting down. Despite the breakthrough, the reactor is still a long way from creating sustainable energy that might be able to replace fossil fuels one day.

Tech Insider explains how the reactor managed to achieve this inside the video below.

[via Business Insider, video via Tech Insider, main image via Shutterstock]