Adult Site Offers New Location For Photographer Caught Nude Atop Great Pyramid2 min read

Image via Shutterstock

For a moment, Danish photographer Andreas Hvid felt he was on top of the world with his footage of himself scaling Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza with a lady companion. The two purportedly engaged in “indecent acts” on the peak of the monument, inciting rage from internet users around the world.

Authorities in Egypt are currently investigating the authenticity of the photos and video that have surfaced, and all but one of the images have now disappeared from Hvid’s portfolio.

Like many, adult content platform xHamster is not convinced that the footage might be doctored, but it’s decided to view the matter in a new light.

Tweeting to the photographer, the website said, “You’re a talented filmmaker (and daring lover) but next time—maybe let us help with a real porn set?”

Startlingly, xHamster hadn’t suggested a regular studio, but another famous monument, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, which is an unfinished Roman Catholic church from the 1800s.

“We’ve got some friends in Barcelona, and are thinking Sagrada Familia?”

Even more shocking, perhaps, was xHamster’s next suggestion, the Eiffel Tower, which is also slang for a sex position.

While exhibitionism might be a thing that some people are into, it’s best you don’t pay heed to these recommendations.

[via LADbible, images via various sources]