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Forget bouquets or chocolates, Adobe is giving creatives what they really want for Valentine’s Day: typefaces; and since it’s the season of love, these resources are even vibrant and saccharine to match.

The company has teamed up with OpenType font converter Fontself to release one unique color typeface per day through 15 February 2019 for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

The five packs are designed by artists from around the world, and celebrate nature, culture, architecture, and even unicorns.

You might be wondering about the differences between OpenType-SVG color fonts and traditional fonts. These relatively new resources hold vector shapes and contain characteristics like colors, transparencies, and gradients, giving them more vividity and depth in your Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign projects.

Color fonts aren’t the only gifts that Adobe is delivering this Valentine’s Day. Come Tuesday, 12 February, a series of new old-fashioned and modern handwriting typefaces made “for writing love letters to your sweetheart” will be available on the Adobe Fonts library.

Preview all five color fonts created to help you express your affections during the season of romance, and download them for free here.

Mad Type’ by Adhemas Batista, Brazil

Image courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

Criolla Nueva’ by Vanessa Zúñiga, Ecuador

Image courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

Sansterdam Color’ by Andriy Dykun, Ukraine

Image courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

Magical Unicorn’ by Arthur Reinders Folmer, the Netherlands

Image courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

Coba’ by Joshua Krecioch, USA

Image courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud

[Images courtesy of Adobe Creative Cloud]

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