Adobe Lightroom’s New Feature ‘Enhances’ Quality Of Raw Images By 30 Percent1 min read

Image via Adobe Blog

Good news if you’re one of those who hoards onto raw photos, no matter how long ago they were taken. Adobe has announced a massive improvement in its Lightroom software that ensures up to a 30-percent boost in image quality.

Having trained its AI with a billion photos, the company has introduced an ‘Enhance Details’ option that claims to surpass ordinary image-refining limits, which means even raw photos dating years ago can appear crisper with this new technology, and could enjoy lesser noise and color speckles.

“‘Enhance Details’ will deliver stunning results including higher resolution and more accurate rendering of edges and details, with fewer artifacts like false colors and moiré patterns,” Josh Haftel, product manager of Lightroom, writes in a blog post.

Haftel adds that the option would most benefit graphics that need to be printed or displayed at larger sizes, images that display artifacts, and pictures containing “lots of fine detail.”

The main gripe of this feature is that it requires significant computing horsepower, in addition to a more advanced graphics chip.

As such, the ‘enhanced feature’ tool will only be compatible with macOS 10.13 or newer, as well as Win 10 (1809) or later. It will also work better with a faster GPU or eGPU (external GPU).

The ‘enhance details’ tool is available in both the extensive Lightroom Classic CC and the newer, cloud-friendly Lightroom CC.

Image via Adobe Blog

[via CNET, images via Adobe Blog]