Accessories Brand Apologizes For Meme Implying Jordyn Woods’ Black Hair Is ‘Bad’1 min read

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Hair extensions brand Bellami Hair has written an apology to Jordyn Woods over a seemingly offensive meme that was shared on its Instagram page.

The joke has been taken down, but a screenshot of it has been uploaded by another Instagram account, @HereForTheTea2. The image in question shows Woods with short hair, and comes with the text, “When Kylie Jenner stops paying for your lifestyle, including your hair extensions.”

For context, Woods, a close childhood friend of Jenner’s, was recently in the limelight after being discovered to have been in a romantic relationship with Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. The family has thus cut off ties with her.

Bellami Hair captioned the photo, “Bad hair is just one betrayal away. These memes have us lolling. Shop for the hair you deserve.”

Many Instagram users thought the post was “racist,” as they perceived that the meme suggested natural African American hair was “bad.”

After being hit by criticism, Bellami later re-shared the image of Woods together with an apology writing, “We would like to sincerely apologize to Jordyn Woods and our followers and for the social media post that was shared on out platform yesterday that may have offended anyone either directly or indirectly. We believe that all hair types are beautiful, especially natural hair.”

The brand then concluded its apology by thanking its fans for bringing the issue to light.

[via Pedestrian, opening image via lev radin /]