A Photographic Series Depicting The Uncertain Future Of Denmark’s Treasured Coastlines1 min read

“In Denmark you are never more than 50 kilometers away from the coast and it plays an important role in the identity of the Danish everyday life”, explain the pair, who began collaborating on projects whilst studying photojournalism at university. Denmark’s coastline spans 8,750 kilometers—one of the longest in Europe, although Denmark is one of the smallest countries. In recent times there has been much public debate as to whether the coastline should be left unharmed, or developed for tourism to enrich the economy. “It is a workplace, a breathing space, and a political battleground”, says the pair, “while also being the heart of the Danish tourist industry. It brings both environmental and socio-political conflicts and values up for debate”. The series depicts a variety of circumstances: school students on an academic excursion, lovers embracing, on-duty navy soldiers, and a priest conducting a religious service; demonstrating the myriad ways we use this precious natural resource to service our varying needs. However the pressure of the coastlines eroding due to corporate greed and increasingly, climate change, presents a stark reality where “the ocean eats its way into the land and swallows houses”.