all photos © gottingham

Does anyone else find Christmas absolutely exhausting? What should be a time for calming reflection somehow always manages to turn into hectic chaos. This year though, Roppongi Hills in Tokyo has installed a Christmas Tree that is my absolute dream-tree. Made entirely from soft and stretchy knitted fabric, it’s a nap-able Christmas Tree perfect for those who have just about had it with the holidays season and just want to pass out.

It was designed by Yusuke Oono of Domino Architects, the designer behind our 360° Books. Aptly titled “My Dear Chunky,” it’s installed in the West Walk section of Roppongi Hills and will remain a sanctuary for sleepy shoppers until December 25, 2018.

Despite its playful appearance, assembling the nap-able Christmas Tree was actually quite cumbersome and required several trials. When laid straight, the custom-made cushioning that forms the tree is as long as 800 meters (2625 ft). And inside the tree are speakers that activate when you sit down, emitting calming music that will put you right to sleep. You can find more pictures of the tree right here.