A Modern Spanish Home Adapts To An Irregular, Sloping Topography1 min read

Pamplona is best known for its historic Gothic-style architecture and the infamous Running of the Bulls Festival. The house is located on the outskirts of the city in a newly developed urban area, on a plot of land measuring a 16-meter-grade difference from the east of the property to the west. The architects were determined to create a home that looks different depending on the angle it is viewed from: from one side, a triangular prism with a pointy roof; from another, a horizontal plane. ‘House In Pamplona’ is organized across two floors: the upper volume, the only one viewed from street level, contains the living, kitchen, and dining areas with floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The lower floor, existing almost as if a basement level that protrudes from the landscape; a long, rectangular plinth where the bedrooms and bathrooms exist. “The house tries, from its trace and its materiality, to be related to the measure of the place”, explain the architects, who summarize their modern design as “just a simple white piece of concrete”.