Images via 2D Bubble Tea

The only multi-dimensional subjects in this newly-opened café would be you, boba, and your confusion.

Reminiscent of this comic book-like spot previously covered by DesignTAXI, a black-and-white café specializing in bubble tea has opened its doors in Subang Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia. This isn’t like your ordinary minimalist café; it’s designed to appear like wholly 2D illustrations, with the only tinge of color—aside from those of its patrons—hailing from its menu items.

Fittingly and succinctly named 2D, the bubble tea shop has all the markers—no pun intended—of an Instagrammable hotspot: it’s eye-catching, understated, and home to Japanese-inspired artworks. 2D variations of the iconic Great Wave Off Kanagawa and Ōtani Oniji III in the Role of the Servant Edobei greet customers here, standing out from the café’s unassuming tables, chairs and windows.

Optical illusions and bubble tea aren’t the only things 2D is serving. It’s got faux backdrops resembling Japanese spas, called onsen, which are complete with “mirrors” and “shampoo bottles” painted on its walls.

To quote Marie Kondo, this barebones café truly sparks joy.

[via Mothership, images via 2D Bubble Tea]

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